Pets are interesting and fun to be with all the time and you have to put in great effort in taking care of them in order to keep them happy,active and healthy. Here are some of the ways to care for your pets:

1. The environment where you keep your pet must be neat and hygienic and it should also be free of safety hazards and put toxic substances out of reach.

2. Give your pet good and quality food. Make sure your pet gets enough fresh water and keep an eye on the amount of treat you give him.

3. Give them good and comfortable shelter.

4. Always take your pet for a walk at least for half an hour.

5. Vaccinate them on time.

6. Visit the vet more often.

7. keep them away from dust or anything that can affect them.

8. Establish a strong bond with your pet. This will help strengthen the emotional connection with your pet and also promotes your pet having positive interaction with other animals and humans.

9. Give your pet preventive medications.

10. Always keep an eye on changes in your pet’s fur or skin, like dandruff,bald patches or dry skin.

11. Expose them to various people and situations at a young age as this will help in deceasing the odds of antisocial or fearfully aggressive behaviours as an adult.


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