Across Asia, more than 20,000 bears are kept in imprisonment for their bile, which is removed utilizing remorseless, difficult techniques and sold as customary medication. These hostage bears endure in messy and squeezed conditions, regularly in confines no greater than telephone stalls.

Be that as it may, the bear bile industry is totally superfluous — abundant and cheap engineered and home grown choices to bear bile are promptly accessible.

What we’re doing

Getting together with accomplices, including governments, worldwide bodies, nearby accomplices and people, to stop bears being abused and to make enduring change.

Advancing better government assistance for hostage bears, while we move to end the bear bile industry for great.

Looking for laws, arrangements, checking and requirement to guarantee that hostage bears are offered space to move, given more extravagant conditions and are shielded from all types of bile extraction and misuse.

Bringing issues to light of choices to bear bile, including natural and engineered items, which are promptly accessible, reasonable and successful.

Working with nearby associations to encourage governments to satisfy their global responsibilities to ensure bears and other wild creatures.

A bear utilized in the bile business, South Korea (Green Korea United)

A bear utilized in the bile business, South Korea (Photo: Green Korea United)

How you can help

Never buy items produced using bear bile or other natural life parts.

Offer this page with your loved ones, so they can find out about this issue.

Make a gift to help our work to end the bear bile industry.

Backing our work to end the bear bile industry

With your help, we can stop bears being exposed to a long period of torment and misery in the bear bile industry.


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